Voodoo ArmpiT - THE BAND

A classic rock  line-up of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums make up the core of the band but with lead vocals shared between Richie and Arleen and added percussion not only from Ben but  the whole band and frequently the audience too, the total sound is distinctively Voodoo Armpit music.

Voodoo Armpit are:-

Richie Westmacott (Guitar, vocals and percussion)Voodoo Armpit frontman Richie Westmacott
Irreverently regarded as the "Godfather of Pembrokeshire Rock" by Welsh music fans, Richie has been active on the local music scene for longer than he would care to admit and has fronted numerous bands since the mid 70s.  "Envy", "The Boneshakers" and "Frostbite" have all kept local audiences on their toes and often on their feet as well with styles from punk and reggae through psychobilly and ska to rock and blues.  Richie has also produced several home recorded tapes over the years featuring his considerable songwriting talents and is a regular performer at local music clubs.  His barnstorming guitar playing has earned him considerable respect and his total dedication to music is such that when not actually playing, he is still surrounded by music at his day job at Dales record store in Tenby. A particularly skilled slide guitar player Richie's collection of bottlenecks is surpassed only by his wide selection of ethnic percussion.

Voodoo Armpit singer Arleen WestmacottArleen Westmacott (Vocals and percussion)
Although Arleen has contributed backing vocals to several of husband Richie's bands and also starred with him in the popular duo "Ella Guru", this is her debut fronting a full-on rock band.
Much under-rated in the past, Arleen now has the chance to cut loose as she shares the lead vocals with Richie and also adds percussion to the mix.  When not strutting her stuff with the Armpit, Arleen is a consultant gutbuster with her own business "Why Weight"

Voodoo Armpit bass guitarist Gareth Sandhu

Gareth Sandhu (Bass guitar, vocals and percussion)
A talented lead guitarist and singer/songwriter in his own write, Gareth was not only a prize winner at the Welsh Eisteddfod in 1994 but also founded rock band "Rystik Grwf" with baby brother Iestyn and featured on Welsh language television. Gareth is currently studying Theatre Studies at Trinity College, Carmarthen and is the technical genius behind the recording of the Armpit CD.

Voodoo Armpit keyboard player David RobinsonDavid Robinson (Keyboards and percussion)
Another veteran, Robs was until recently better known as a drummer, having anchored a wide variety of Pembrokeshire's rock bands although one of his first commercial gigs was playing bass with Richie in a Christmas show the main star of which was a magic rabbit!  Piano lessons endured at an early age bore fruit when keyboard skills rather than more tub thumping were required to complete the Voodoo Armpit line up.  When not tinkling the ivories, Robs' day job is not at all boring at the infamous Milford Haven Port Authority.

Voodoo Armpit drummer Iestyn SandhuIestyn Sandhu (Drums & percussion)
The youngest member of Voodoo Armpit, Iestyn is rapidly gaining recognition as one of Wales' finest drummers.  Having featured with brother Gareth in "Rystik Grwf" before joining the Armpit at the age of only 15, Iestyn is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Wales,  Aberystwyth..

Voodoo Armpit percussionist Ben WoollacottBen Woollacott (Percussion)
Having been a regular guest percussionist with the Armpit during breaks from his studies at the University of Wales,  Ben nevertheless managed to graduate and was welcomed on board as a full time member.  From early days with the school band, Ben has played live with many local bands covering a wide spectrum of music from rock and blues to funk and folk.  He has also contributed to recordings by a number of these acts and has previously  collaborated with Gareth both live and in the studio on numerous projects including  their latest band  "Pixie Money".  Ben is currently studying Drums and Percussion at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.
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