Voodoo Armpit - THE TEE-SHIRT

 To co-incide with the release of their debut CD, Voodoo Armpit have also commissioned fetching Tee-Shirts which are shown below modelled by the band. (Richie is wearing his Tee-Shirt back to front to display the design on the reverse)

Welsh rock band Voodoo Armpit model their funky Tee-shirts

Tastefully colour co-ordinated in designer black and available in one size fits all (XL), the Voodoo Armpit tee-shirts feature a band logo on the left breast and a larger logo on the back.  You can purchase these unique Tee-Shirts for only £5 plus £1 postage & packing to UK addresses  - send a cheque or Postal Orders to the address on our contact page or phone us with Credit card details.
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