Voodoo Armpit - THE CD

Theory of Evolution Part II (The Rhythm Method)

Voodoo Armpit's debut  CD entitled Theory of Evolution Part II (The Rhythm Method)  was  released in December 1999.

Recorded at the band's own Shadow studios in Pembroke, West Wales the new CD features 15 original songs - click on the song titles below to hear a clip.

Front Cover of Voodoo Armpit's debut CD Theory of Evolution Part IIYou Lied to Me
Man With a Dog
Soul Religion
That Girl
Theory of Evolution Part II
No Doubt
Put the Blame
Knockin on the Doors of Love

Now you may satisfy your urges and purchase this wonderful CD for only £10 of the English money with free delivery to UK addresses. To order, please see details on our contact page.

You may need Real Audio Player to hear the above sound clips - if you do not already have this player loaded, you can download a free version by clicking on the icon below.

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